What best describes the subject of most Victorian novels ?

A. the representation of a large and comprehensive social world in realistic detail
B. a surrealist exploration of alternate states of consciousness
C. the attempt of a protagonist to define his or her place in society
D. A and C

What was the relationship between Victorian poets and the Romantics ?

A. The Romantics remained largely forgotten until their rediscovery by T. S. Eliot in the 1920s.
B. The Victorians were disgusted by the immorality and narcissism of the Romantics.
C. The Romantics were seen as gifted but crude artists belonging to a distant, semi barbarous age.
D. The Victorians were strongly influenced by the Romantics and experienced a sense of belatedness.

Which of the following best defines Utilitarianism ?

A. a farming technique aimed at maximizing productivity with the fewest tools
B. a moral arithmetic, which states that all humans aim to maximize the greatest pleasure to the greatest number
C. a critical methodology stating that all words have a single meaningful function within a given piece of literature
D. a philosophy dictating that we should only keep what we use on a daily basis.

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