The Chartist Movement sought ?

A. Protection of the political rights of the working class
B. Recognition of chartered trading companies
C. Political rights for women
D. Protection of the political rights of the middle class

How does New Historicism differ from traditional historicism ?

A. New Historicism does not make strict delineations between literary and nonliterary texts.
B. New Historicism takes a particular interest in marginalized peoples.
C. New Historicism is interested in how texts help us understand economic realities.
D. All of the above.

“Can this be so!” cried goodman Brown, with a stare of amazement at his undisturbed companion. Howbeit, I have nothing to do with the governor and council – they have their own ways, and are no rule for a simple husbandman, like me. But, were I to go on with thee, how should I meet the eye of that good old man, our minister, at Salem village? Oh, his voice would make me tremble, both Sabbathday and lecture-day!” The word “husbandman” usually means farmer, but in this context it means something else – what ?

A. Rancher
B. Male partner in a marriage
C. Cowboy
D. Man of ordinary status

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