A good metallurgical coke___________________?

A. Should have high porosity
B. Should be brittle
C. Must contain moderate quantities of ash, moisture, sulphur and volatile matters
D. Should have low fusion point of its ash

Raoult’s law does not apply, when the___________________?

A. Size of component molecules are not equal
B. Attractive forces between like and unlike molecules in the solution are approximately equal
C. Component molecules are non-polar
D. Chemical combination or molecular association between unlike molecules takes place in the
formation of solution

Pick out the wrong statement?

A. Catalytic activity of enzyme catalysed reactions which is affected by temperature, pH value &
chemical agents, is maximum at a temperature of about 45°C
B. Most of the enzyme catalysed reactions involve at least two substrates
C. Enzymes help in increasing the activation energy of the reaction
D. Equilibrium concentrations in enzyme catalysed reactions can be calculated by using the
thermodynamic properties of substrates & products

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