The critical role of the SHRM Application Tool is to:_____________?

A. Outline techniques, frameworks, and six steps that must be followed to effectively implement change in an organisation.
B. Develop a better strategic management process to deal with the dynamic changing environment today’s organisations face.
C. Identify and assess a narrow group of actions and plan how the organisation can overcome resistance to change.
D. identify if the organisation ‘has enough staff, if the staff heed training, if the compensation practices are appropriate, and if jobs are designed correctly

Which of the following is not true of the activity known as job analysis?

A. The rate of pay for the job is fixed.
B. The job elements are rated in terms such as frequency. of use or amount of time
C. It aims to describe the purpose of a job and the conditions under which it is
D. Jobs are broken into elements such as information required or relations with
other people

Why are employers interested in employee engagement?

A. To encourage employees to trust their manager
B. To make a quick profit
C. To make employees work harder for less
D. Because engaged employees are more motivated and prepared to give their best to make the firm succeed

HRP stands for___________?

A. Human resource project
B. Human resource planning
C. Human recruitment planning
D. Human recruitment procedure

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