White-collar and corporate crimes______________?

A. are committed by relatively affluent people often in the course of business activities
B. are not very costly compared to the dollar cost of other crimes
C. are crimes the average person is less likely to experience than street crime
D. usually result in severe punishment for those who are caught

In order to qualify as a random sample______________?

A. at least 100 people must be selected
B. every sub-sample of the population must be represented
C. every member of the population must have an equal chance of being chosen
D. a phone book must be used to generate random names.
E. the researcher must pre-test the subjects

The class polarization that Marx predicted referred to________________?

A. the division of each social class into the more or less privileged.
B. a growing gap between rich and poor resulting in class consciousness
C. the growth of intermediate strata in the middle classes
D. the tendency for the working class to live in very could places

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