The “looking-glass self” essentially explains ?

A. our reflections on our own personal shortcomings
B. our sense of knowledge from all of the agents of socialization
C. our sense of individuality
D. our self-concept both positive and negative
E. our imagination of how others see us

Marx proclaimed that religion would disappear when ?

A. a new trend of moral individualism became established
B. a socialist revolution removed the need for capitalist ideology
C. church attendance dropped below 15%
D. people came to believe more in science and technology

Divorce ?

A. appears to lead to greater family disorganization
B. has little or no new effect on the lives of children
C. no longer displaces homemakers in these days of women’s liberation
D. is less likely in second marriages

A sect is organized around______________?

A. beliefs that can be challenged by members a charismatic leader and openness to new recruits
B. tolerance towards other religions and the separation of church and state
C. voluntary membership democratic leadership and high levels of emotional commitment
D. the idea of the secular world itself as being sacred

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