What does the term “monasticism” mean ?

A. it describes the importance of communication with others in order to reach salvation
B. it describes a form of worship based on praying to devotional art
C. it describes a way of life that became popular after the Middle Ages
D. Non of these

Why is the concept of feudalism important in medieval literature ?

A. Feudalism represents the world ofscholars who studied the ancient texts of the past.
B. The feudal world is one of glamor and beauty.
C. Feudalism represents an economic hierarchy, the upper levels of which created and consumed literature.
D. Feudalism represents interesting family quarrels that make for good stories.

How was mystical literature significant ?

A. Mystical literature suggested the continued link between paganism and Christianity.
B. Mystical literature prohibited women from writing in the voice of God.
C. Mystical literature ended the trend of poems in which God was cast as a lover.
D. Mystical literature provided a place for women to write romantic and religious literature.

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