Which of the following best defines Utilitarianism ?

A. a farming technique aimed at maximizing productivity with the fewest tools
B. a moral arithmetic, which states that all humans aim to maximize the greatest pleasure to the greatest number
C. a critical methodology stating that all words have a single meaningful function within a given piece of literature
D. a philosophy dictating that we should only keep what we use on a daily basis.

Which event did not occur as part of the rise of the British Empire under Queen Victoria ?

A. Between 1853 and 1880, 2,466,000 emigrants left Britain, many bound for the colonies.
B. In 1876, Queen Victoria was named empress of India
C. To save costs and maximize profits, the day-to-day government of India was transferred from Parliament to the private East India Company.
D. From 1830 to 1870, the sum total of investments abroad by British capitalists had risen from £ 300 billion to £ 800 billion.

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