The shift form civil religion to common religion means that________________?

A. the increasing bureaucracy of the state has made religion only a marginal part of our lives
B. despite the weakening of traditional authority our everyday lives and common sense remain shaped by religious beliefs and values
C. religious participation in collective worship may have declined but people still practise their faiths in private
D. people are much more likely to discuss their religious beliefs in public informal settings

Karl Marx saw religion as________________?

A. a vehicle by which we reveal to one another that we share a common mental state
B. a vehicle through which we create a shared consciousness that contributes to social bonding
C. creating a pool of individuals with the attitudes and values necessary to function as entrepreneurs
D. producing another-worldly focus that diverts the oppressed from seeking social change in this world

Research indicates that effective schools______________?

A. foster the expectation that order will prevail in the classroom
B. leave discipline up to the individual teacher
C. emphasize the “whole student” over academic concerns
D. foster an atmosphere in which students are carefully monitored to ensure that they meet their obligations

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