Cultural restructuring has involved________________?

A. regenerating cities in economic decline
B. turning industrial landscapes into tourist attractions
C. selling sites and images through the symbolic economy of media advertising
D. all of the above

The ecological approach to urban sociology involved studying ?

A. how social groups colonized different areas of the city and competed for resources
B. the forms of wildlife and natural habitats that could be found on the edges of the city
C. the way in which people organized collective protests about environmental issues
D. how men and women used the city’s public spaces differently

Which of these is not a reason why the rate of urban growth is larger in developing countries ?

A. living in closely connected settlements is a social feature common in developing countries
B. fertility rates are generally higher in developing countries including among city dwellers
C. greater job opportunities encourage large-scale internal migration from rural areas to cities
D. reverse migration (from cities back to rural communities) can be harder in developing societies once a livelihood in a rural community is lost

What is urban recycling ?

A. renovating inner-city buildings for occupation by the middle classes
B. a new domestic waste reduction strategy for inner-city areas
C. councils buying up cheap housing to turn into commercial developments
D. refurbishing old buildings and finding new uses for previously used land

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