What is meant by the “Haussmannization” of Paris ?

A. It was an urban modernization project that reorganized Parisian city streets so that the bourgeoisie could flaunt their new wealth.
B. It was an urban renovation project which offered social services in city slums.
C. It was a political movement intended to overthrow Napoleon III.
D. It was a religious movement intended to celebrate the values of Christianity.

Which of the following statements best describes the “Bloomsbury Group” ?

A. The “Bloomsbury Group” consists of a group of English writers, thinkers, and artists who met in the Bloomsbury district of London.
B. The group consisted of survivors of World War II.
C. The Bloomsbury group included E.M. Forster, Clive Bell, John Maynard Keynes, and Virginia Woolf.
D. A and C only

Which of the following is true of Arthur Rimbaud’s poem “Eternity” ?

A. It ends with the lines: “Eternity./It is the sea run off/ With the sun.”
B. It suggests that the quest for knowledge and enlightenment is deeply satisfying.
C. The poem speaks of the necessity of seeking human approval and communal acceptance.
D. It begins with the lines: “I kissed the dawn of summer.”

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