Which of the following is an example of a Schumpeterian innovation ?

A. An existing internet provider provides competition to two other providers in Dayton Ohlio
B. The production and marketing of the Model T Ford in the 19-teens
C. The invention of the Stanley steamer
D. An American buying a stock in the Philippines stock market

The entrepreneur can be viewed as the ?

I- coordinator of other production resources
II- decision maker under uncertainty
III- innovator
IV- gap filler and input completer

1. I and II only
2. II and III only
3. I, II and only
4. I, II, III and IV

According to Weber’s thesis ?

A. Protestants disapproved of accumulating wealth
B. Protestants failed to restrict extravagance and conspicuous consumption
C. Roman Catholicism expressed its asceticism in a secular vocation
D. capitalism was most advanced in Protestant countries

Technical advance involves ?

A. the development of pure science, invention innovation financing the innovation and the innovation’s acceptance
B. introducing new products modifying production functions creating credit and making profits
C. innovation investment credit creation and economies growth
D. patent management resource gains mature innovation and speculative gains

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