Which of the following is True is LDCs ?

A. Labor is often underemployed, having a low alternative cost
B. It is cheaper to hire labor in LDC because its productivity is relatively higher than in DCs
C. Adapting existing Western technology to LDC conditions requires little creativity
D. Labor is usually considered the scarce factor

he efficiency wage is the ?

A. wage costs per unit of output
B. wage rate that prevails in LDCs
C. Wage rate divided by the productivity of labor
D. marginal product of labor divided by wage

Which of the following is not True ?

A. In 1990 the world had 98 mainline phones and 2 mobile phones per 1,000 people: in 2001 169 mainline and 153 mobiles per 1000
B. Mobile phones do not require the massive infrastructure investment that mainline telephone require
C. In 2001 the World information technology expenditures were about 1/20 of 1% of world gross investment
D. In 2001 internet users per 1000 people in middle income countries were greater than high income countries

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