Hazrat Usman Bin _________ was the Key holder of Kaaba.

A. Qasim
B. Saad
C. Talha
D. Asad

Hazrat Usman bin Talha (R.A): (Key holder of Kaaba)

He was a Sahabi Before the conquest of Mecca (The conquest of Mecca (fatḥa e makkah) is the historical event when Mecca was capitulated for and conquered by Muslims on 20 Ramadan, 8 AH.),

Hazrat Usman bin Talha (R.A) always kept Ka’aba’s key with him. That’s why he is considered and called as “Sadin of Mecca“.Since Prophet Muhammad (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam)  handed over the key to the Kaaba to him, prophet’s companion’s lineage sons have been inheriting it and the title Sadin of the Kaaba until today.

The Story of Hazrat Usman bin Talha (R.A) by Mufti Menk:


There was a Sahabi known as, in fact he wasn’t a Sahabi at the Time. What had happened is Rasulullah (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam) in the year, When they achieved the Victory of Makkah, They entered Makkatul Mukarramah. As They entered Makkatul Mukarramah he Went to the Kabbah, When he Went to the Kabbah, The Kabbah was Locked, The key used to be kept by a Man Known as Usman bin Talha (R.A). This Usman bin Talha (R.A) was not a Muslim at the Time, So he Locked the doors of Kabbah and he Ran Right up to the roof and he stood and Hid on the Roof, So When Rasulullah (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam) Entered Makkah. Most of the people of Makkah were accepting Islam as He was Entering and He Asked for the Key of the Kabbah, So the people Told Him it is With Usman bin Talha (R.A) and they found him on the Top of the roof of the Kabbah.

So Hazrat Ali (R.A) Told Him “Ya Usman give us the key here is Muhammad (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam) Asking for the Key” and He said “o” Muhammad, if I had believed That you were a Prophet I Would have opened the Doors a long time ago”  What this means is, “ I don’t believe that you are a Prophet So I am not Going to open the Door” And Ali (R.A) happened to Snatch the Key from this man Usman bin Talha (R.A). And he opened the Doors of Kabbah and Rasulullah (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam) Entered the Kabbah and Read 2 Rakah Salaah in the Kabbah and Hazrat Abbas Ibn Al-Muttalib (R.A) The Uncle of Muhammad (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam) was there and He told Rasulullah (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam), “Ya Rasulullah (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam), DO you know that I am in Charge, our family is in charge of pouring Water for the Haji’s. “Pouring Water for Those and Quenching the Thirst of those Who come for Hajj”

So I you Hand the Key Over to Us We will have two points of Hounor. One is the Pour the Water and the other is to Open and Close and Lock the Lock The Kabbah as and when it is necessary. So Jibreel (A.S) Came down with a verse inside the Kabbah. This is one verse which was Revealed in the Kabbah, Subhanullah. Translation: “Allah is commanding you to Return the Trusts to those Whom they belong to” which means O’ Rasulullah (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam) give the key back to the Uthman ibn Talha (R.A). this is what was meant. So immediately Rasulullah (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam) got up give the key to Ali ibn Talib (R.A) and told him “Go to Uthman ibn Talha (R.A) Return the key and excuse your self for the manner in which you had Snatched the key So Ali (R.A) went back to Uthman ibn Talha (R.A) and told him; Ya Uthman (R.A), This is the key and we excuse overselves. We are presenting an excuse because we were wrong the way we snatched the key from you.

Uthman ibn Talha was Surprised and Amazed “O’ Ali, You a few Minutes ago were Harming me, you came to me very Harshly and now you are being so Humble, What is it?

He Said, “Wallahi Ya Uthman!… Allah has Revealed regarding you Quran. Allah Says, Translation: “Allah has instructed Muhammad (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam)  to Return This Amanah (Trust) to Whom it belongs To”.

For that reason this key is being given back to you Here. Immediately Uthman ibn Talha (R.A) Said, I bear Witness That Indeed Allah is One and Muhammad (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam) is none other than the Messenger of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala)

Do you know what happend ?

Jibreel (A.S) Came Down with more Revelation. This time Not in the Form of Quran but in the form of an Instruction to Muhammad (Sullalahu alaihi Wassalam) “Ya Muhammad Get up and inform Uthman ibn Talha (R.A) That the Key of the Kabah Will Remain in His Progeny and family Until the Day of Qiyamah. Wallahi My dear Listeners! To this Minute the Key is With The Member of the Family of Uthman Ibn Talha (R.A) and He became Known as one of the Greatest Sahaba (R.A). If you were to go to Saudi Arabia Today, You will find the Family of this man is protected by Police. And they are protected by the Government of that Kingdom. This was the Power of the Revelation of the Quran. This is What Happened to Uthman Ibn Talha (R.A). This was the justice of Islam. can we compete with this? Imagine Abbas (R.A) The Uncle was asking for the Key,And Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) Says “No Return this Key to Uthman Ibn Talha (R.A) A Miracle is that upto this Minute Wallahi, The Key Happens to be in the Hands of The same Family Members.

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