Which is the world’s largest refugee camp in 2018?

A. Bidi Bidi
B. Dadaab
C. Kutupalong
D. Kakuma
E. None of these

World’s Largest Refugee Camps in 2018

  1. Kutupalong in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh
    Population: 886,778
  2. Bidi Bidi in Northwestern Uganda
    Population: 285,000
  3. Dadaab Refugee Complex, Kenya
    Population: 235,269
  4. Kakuma in Northwestern Kenya
    Population: 184,550
  5. Nyarugusu in Kigoma, Tanzania
    Population: 139,630
  6. Jabalia, North of Gaza City on the Gaza Strip
    Population: 119,486
  7. Zaatari in Northern Jordan
    Population: 80,140
  8. Yida in South Sudan
    Population: 70,331
  9. Katumba in Tanzania
    Population: 66,416
  10. Pugnido in Western Ethiopia
    Population: 63,262
  11. Panian in Pakistan
    Population: 62,264

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