What is the name of Pakistani Astrobiologist who led the team of Germany and US-based scientists to discovers signs of life on Saturn moon?

A. Dr Nozair Khawaja
B. Dr. Salim Mehmud
C. Muhammad Suhail Zubairy
D. Raziuddin Siddiqui

Pakistani-German Astrobiologist Dr Nozair Khawaja, along with his team of US and German scientists, has discovered a vital organic molecule on Enceladus, one of the 62 moons revolving around the Saturn.

The groundbreaking development itself revolves around the discovery of an organic molecule, understood to be a prerequisite for the existence of life, on one of Saturn’s 62 moons. The discovery, experts believe, make Enceladus a notable candidate for extra-terrestrial life.

“A Cassini Spacecraft was sent to Saturn system in 2004 and since then we have been continuously analysing the data from Cassini and trying to characterise the material from Enceladus,” said Dr Khawaja while speaking on SAMAA TV’s programme Naya Din on Monday, October 7, 2019.

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