________________ view standards of deviant behavior as merely reflecting cultural norms whereas __________ and _______________ theorists point out that the most powerful groups in a society can shape laws and standards and determine who is (or is not) prosecuted as a criminal ?

A. conflict theorists’ functionalists labelling
B. labelling theorists conflict functionalist
C. functionalists conflict labelling
D. conflict theorists’ labelling functionalist

Patterns of drug use in Britain reveal that____________?

A. it has increased and is no longer confined to a hedonistic youth subculture
B. the most commonly used recreational drug is Ecstasy
C. teenage girls are more likely to experiment with hard drugs than teenage boys
D. despite a series of moral panics, the use of illegal drugs is very rare

The Macpherson Report highlighted the increasing problem of_____________?

A. hate crimes violence against ethnic minorities simply because of their race
B. institutional racism systematic forms of disadvantage built into the routines and practices of social institutions
C. overt racism in the police force that must be tackled by institutional reforms
D. growing numbers of asylum seekers in need of long-term accommodation

The work of Smart suggested that_____________?

A. the rates of violent crime were similar for men and women
B. women’s sexual delinquency was more likely to be normalized than men’s
C. women’s criminal behavior tended to reflect traditional gender roles
D. all of the above

Deviance is dysfunctional in that it_______________?

A. can impair and undermine organized social life
B. increases our willingness to play our roles
C. increases our willingness to contribute to the larger social enterprise
D. enhances our trust of one another

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