The new racism refers to______________?

A. a subtler form of prejudice masked by nationalist pride
B. a post-modern deconstruction of racist ideas to reveal their lack of depth
C. racist practices found in newly emerging areas of social life such as cyberspace
D. an anti-fascist movement which challenges nationalist politics

Theories of racialized discourse suggest that________________?

A. race is an objective way of categorizing people on biological grounds
B. the idea of race is socially constructed through powerful ideologies
C. race relations in Britain and America can be traced back to colonial times
D. people choose their racial identity, and this becomes fixed

Why do many sociologists use scare quotes when discussing race ?

A. it,s a complex concept with multiple meanings
B. to reflect the fact that the number of races is disputed
C. the concept has no scientific basis but is still widely used
D. to distinguish the science of race from discussions of ethnicity

Both the functionalist and conflict perspectives agree that ?

A. if ethnic stratification continues in a society conflict will decrease as people are socialized into the stratification system
B. ethnic stratification will persist as long as it is in the best interests of those in power
C. conflicts will be particularly likely and severe if class and ethnic cleavages coincide
D. none of the above

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