Which of the following is a criticism of the sick role ?

A. Patients judgments regarding their own state of health may be related to their gender age social class and ethnic group
B. The sick role may be more applicable to people experiencing short-term illnesses than those with recurring long-term illnesses
C. Even simple factors such as whether a person is employed or not seem to affect willingness to assume the sick role
D. all of the above

Which of these can sociology not help us with ?

A. predicting likely weather patterns in the future
B. understanding how human societies put pressure on the environment
C. understanding how environmental problems are distributed
D. evaluating policies for tackling environmental problems

According to Malthus____________?

A. human populations tend to increase more slowly than their ability to increase the food supply.
B. agricultural production increases in a geometric fashion.
C. people could use “moral restraint” to reduce the birth rate.
D. famine war and pestilence are social problems that a population can overcome.

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