Students at Bailey University staged a sit-in to protest the University’s decision to cancel its longstanding policy of exempting graduating seniors from final exams Which strongest framework for analyzing this situation?

A. Interactionist because the University and the students didn’t share the same understanding about final exams
B. Conflict, because this is an example of a power struggle between two groups with conflicting ideas an interest
C. Functionalist because teaching college students to protest is a manifest function of education
D. none of the above

Social norms are_____________?

A. creative activities such as gardening cookery and craftwork
B. the symbolic representation of social groups in the mass media
C. religious beliefs about how the world ought to be
D. rules and expectation about interaction that regulate social life

Constructed reality is________________?

A. the ability to control the behavior of others
B. the principle that meaning derives from social interaction in daily life
C. the observed consequences that permit the adaptation or adjustment of a system
D. and artificial explanation of culture that exists apart from any social reality or shared social meaning

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