In oilness bearings________________?

A. the oil film pressure is generated only by the rotation of the journal
B. the oil film is maintained by supplying oil under pressure
C. do not require external supply of lubricant
D. grease required to be applied after some intervals
E. none of the above

The fatigue limit of a material____________________?

A. is greatly decreased by poor surface conditions
B. remains same irrespective of surface conditions
C. depends mainly on core composition
D. is dependent upon yield strength of material
E. none of the above

Spring stiffness is__________________?

A. ratio of coil diameter to wire diameter
B. load required to produce unit deflection
C. its capability of storing energy
D. its ability to absorb shocks
E. none of the above

An alien bolt is___________________?

A. self locking bolt
B. same as stud
C. provided with hexagonal depression in head
D. used in high speed components
E. provided with countersunk head

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