How is the concept of “the new woman” Gothic ?

A. It represents a “doubling” of Queen Victoria by English women as they remake themselves in her image.
B. It represents the “transformation” of the traditional Victorian woman from the private sphere to the public sphere.
C. It represents the rise in psychological pathologies or “madness” in women in the late 19th century.
D. It represents the “pollution” of the ideal woman by foreign influences.

What is a Satanic Hero ?

A. A hero who is known for being aristocratic, moody, and secretive
B. A character who is essentially kind but performs a horrible act by accident
C. A hero-villain who defies the laws of God’s universe
D. A hero who is usually defined by his fatal attraction to women

“A MANUSCRIPT was communicated to me during my travels in Italy, which was copied from the archives of the Cenci Palace at Rome, and contains a detailed account of the horrors which ended in the extinction of one of the noblest families of that city during the Pontificate of Clement VIII, in the year 1599.” All of the following state why this quotation from Perce Shelley’s “The Cenci” represents the Gothic EXCEPT_____________?

A. The placement of the action in the past and in a foreign country
B. The grandiose threatening setting that requires ingenious stagecraft
C. The focus on wrongdoing at the highest level of authority
D. The use of real historical resources by Shelley for the foundation of his play

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