Economic sanctions?

A. are prohibited by the World Trade Organization
B. affect international trade but not international financial flows
C. involve restrictions on imports, but not exports
D. involve restrictions in imports exports and or financial flows

Concerning dumping, which of the following is true ?

A. predatory dumping represents the most common form of dumping by U.S firms
B. U.S firms can obtain protection from foreign dumping, even though this protection tends to harm overall U.S welfare
C. dumping can never be a profit-maximizing strategy for U.S firms to pursue
D. U.S firms rarely if ever, engage in distress dumping or persistent dumping

The result of antidumping tariffs is to ?

A. increase consumer surplus in the importing country
B. decrease producer surplus in the importing country
C. impose a price floor on foreign prices in the importing country
D. impose a price ceiling on foreign price in the importing country

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