Which of the following is Not true about external debt ?

A. External debt accumulates with international balance on goods services and income deficcits
B. When debts are denominated in U.S dollars their appreciation during the 1990s increased the cost of servicing such debts
C. In the 19901s LDCs relied increasingly on aid from DCs
D. International lenders required LDC governments to guarantee private debt

Net transfers are______________?

A. investment loans, and grants from overseas minus international resource outflows
B. net international resource flows minus net international interest payments and profit remittances
C. international resource outflows minus international balance of payments and profit remittances
D. foreign direct investment inflow minus investment loans and grants from overseas

The Baker plan (1985) stressed _______ and the Brady Plan (1989) emphasized _______ respectively?

A. IMF decentralization; World Bank dissolution
B. new loans from multilateral agencies and surplus countries; debt reduction or write-downs
C. structural adjustment loans for LDCs experiencing unanticipated external shocks; renewed emphases on macroeconomic stabilization programs
D. debt relief for at leas three-fourths of the eligible HIPCs; shorter requirements for adjustment programs

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