The total fertility rate (TFR) is ?

A. The total number of children born in a country in given year a divided by labor force
B. The number of children born to the average woman during her reproductive years.
C. The number of births in a country divided by total population in a given year.
D. The number of woman age 15-45 in a country divided by total population

Malthus’s theory was that population ?

A. increased proportionally to economic growth
B. increased geometrically, outstripping food supply which grew arithmetically
C. increased stagnantly with food supply and economic development
D. increased disproportionately surpassing agricultural production

The goal of integrated pest management (IPT) is to?

A. reduce yield losses by pests while minimizing the negative effects of pest control
B. have year-round plantings of a single crop
C. undertake monoculture pest planning
D. encompass biological control through fertilizers

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