Gross National Product equals ?

A. Net National Product adjusted for inflation
B. Gross Domestic Product adjusted for inflation
C. Gross Domestic Product plus net property income from abroad
D. Net National Product plus net property income from abroad

Biodiversity ?

A. includes genetic species ecosystem and functional diversities
B. refers to diversifying earth’s nonrenewable resource
C. refers to reconstruction of tropical rainforests
D. refers to biological effects on commercial plantation

The green house effect is the phenomenon by which ?

A. biological diversity is dominant in agricultural production
B. the globe’s water pollution affects plankton
C. the earth’s atmosphere traps infrared radiation
D. climatic changes occur naturally in the forest

Gross Domestic Product can be measured as the sum of ?

A. final goods and services intermediate goods, transfer payments, and rent
B. consumption investment government purchases and net exports
C. consumption transfer payments. wages and profits.
D. Net National Product Gross National Product, and Disposable personal income
E. investment wages profits and intermediate production

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