Competitive markets tend to ?

A. Increase labor market discrimination because some workers can charge more for their services than other workers in a competitive market
B. have no impact on labour market discrimination
C. reduce labour market discrimination because non-discrimination firms will employ cheaper labour earn more profits and drive discriminating firms out of the market
D. increase labour market discrimination because bigoted employers can charge any price they want in a competitive market to cover the cost of their discrimination

The marginal revenue product of capital is the ?

A. change in a company’s balance sheet when it acquires new plant
B. additional value of output from using more capital
C. change in company’s share price
D. changing value of the capital stock

According to the human capital view of education ?

A. has no impact on the human capital of workers?
B. increases human capital and the wages of workers
C. can make any worker into a superstar
D. only helps firms sort workers into high ability and low-ability workers.

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