In 1971, most countries ?

A. adopted a new system of fixed exchange rates
B. gave up trying to fix exchange rates formally and began allowing them to be determined essentially by supply and demand
C. adopted single internationally accepted currency whose use is limited to international transactions
D. returned to the gold standard

Expansionary monetary policy ?

A. tends to lead to an appreciation of a nation’s currency
B. tends to lead to a depreciation of a nation’s currency
C. usually has no effect on a currency’s exchange value
D. tends to lead to a depreciation of the currencies of other nations

A difference between forward and futures contracts is that ?

A. forward contracts occur in a specific locations-for example, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
B. futures contracts have negotiable delivery dates
C. forward contracts can be tailored in amount and delivery date to the need of importers of exporters
D. futures contracts involve no brokerage fees or other transactions costs

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