The main reason why land reform increase agricultural output is that is ?

A. encourages mechanization
B. allows the farmers to set the prices for their agricultural products
C. enables farmers to escape the problem of diminishing return
D. makes farmers owners of the land instead of tenants and owners’ farmers are more productive than tenant farmers

Debt-re-scheduling is ?

A. an agreement with the World Bank to turn some of a debt into other forms
B. a change in debt repayment due to inability to pay
C. regular payments of interest and repayments of capital
D. a program of austerity measures agreed with the IMF to make repayment possible

The term Fourth World has been coined to describe ?

A. the newly industrialized countries like Korea, Taiwan Malaysia
B. The republics of the former Soviet Union
C. Countries that still have a communist government like China and Cuba
D. countries that have fallen far behind the economic advances of the rest of the world

One of the benefits of putting resources into agricultural projects is that ?

A. Successful agricultural projects produce surplus food to support urban development
B. agricultural investment will prevent the flight of capital abroad
C. agricultural projects usually have low import requirements
D. export prices for agricultural products are more stable than those for industrial products

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