Electromagnetic radiation_______________?

A. Produces a time varying magnetic field and vice versa
B. Once generated, remains self-propagating
C. Is capable to travel across space
D. All of these

Which one the following is a correct statement ?

A. The vertical section of the soil extending into the parent material, is called profile
B. The layers of the soil parallel to the earth surface are called horizons
C. The transitional layer between two adjoining horizons is called boundary
D. All of these

Pick up the correct statement from the following?

A. The ratio of the up flux and down flux just above the snow surface, is called albedo
B. Spectral albedo of snow is calculated for the semi-infinite snow thickness
C. Water equivalent height of snow is the height of water column obtained by melting snow
D. All of these

Pick up the correct statement from the following ?

A. In remote sensing technique, the observation place, is called a platform
B. Platforms may be either stationary or mobile
C. Spatial resolution of the imaging system becomes poorer with increase of platform height
D. All of these

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